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GAGA NEST was founded by a group of creative and artistic mothers who needed to find an affordable way to prep little one’s nursery. With their  busy schedules, turning that office or storage room into a nursery can be really time consuming. With that being said, GAGA Nest was formed! We give parents the chance to focus on other gazillion stuff  to get ready for their newborn. We want you to enjoy a quality time you deserve with your loved one’s  and the amazing journey of pregnancy. We pride ourselves in being very attentive to your wants, organized and discipline to meet your needs. Leave the work to us and we will TRANSFORM your vision into the perfect NEST for your little one.  The process is simple and we have packages for every budget. What are you waiting for, Let’s get this NURSERY done!


What Our Clients Say's?

" GAGA Nest! Such a funny name! The quality of your work was superb. My husband and I have a busy schedule and could never find time to set up our nursery. Just the thought of unpacking, de-clutter the space, painting, etc. was exhausting. We could never find the time. Your team was so professional, and creating a lovely nursery for our little baby in no time. I preferred to be hand off and once I told you all what I wanted you got it done. Thanks and we appreciate the gift basket. "

-- -Diane B, Ashburn VA

" Wooow, you all saved me! That is all I can say. Great job and thanks! "

-- -Darren C, Bethesda, MD

" Very Affordable. I remember when I had to redo my first born room, the time to remove the furniture, clean the room, paint the room (keep in mind my wife choose three different colors), set up the bed, valance…this drove me crazy. All I had to do was buy the Yum Yum Package and it was all done! Time saved, wife happy! "

-- -Tony G, Falls Church, VA

" Very simple. Picked a package, set a date, made payment, nursery done and no stress. And yes the gift basket was the cherry on the sundae! "

-- -Nyundeh F- Arlington, VA

" I liked the Lux package better, because I wanted to be very involved as this was our first child. And yes we got the ultimate nest, for our little prince. Thanks you all were very patient considering I kept changing my mind. "

-- -Debra L, Potomac, MD

" Could not believe there was such a service Quickie Yes we were one of those parents who wanted to be surprise. You all came through and had Leslie’s nursery all by the time we got home. Thanks because we were nervous if this would really work and it did. "

-- – Ken and Lisa, Fairfax, VA

" Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! Awesome job. "

-- Janet and Lee H., Annandale, VA