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GAGA Nest’s The Best Nests for Elegant Little Ladies

Sometimes, you want a certain type of theme for your baby’s nursery, whether it be super girly and pink or blue with all different kind of sports. However, it can be difficult to figure out what nursery to pick out of this theme. Let us at GAGA Nest give our opinion through our new blog series, The Best Nests, a countdown list that gives you our opinion for which nurseries are the best for a certain theme. For our first list, we will be taking a look at the top five nests that create a beautiful and elegant nursery for any little lady.

5. Plumberry Collection

Starting off this list is the Plumberry Collection. This collection probably has the darkest colors on this list but they mix well together with the lighter colors in the color palette of the room. The nursery uses this color palette as well as certain details to create several different butterflies and flowers that feels like it’s Spring time all year around!

4. Heaven Sent Girl Collection

This is not the first time that this nest has shown up on this blog as it was the Spotlight Nest of the Week of Nov. 6- Nov. 12, 2017. As mentioned in its Spotlight Nest post, this nest uses the bright pink in its color palette to pop out and grab your attention. The colors in the nursery also match well to the theme of sleeping sheep, which helps the room feel calm and cozy.

3. Swan Lake Collection

This nest was known to be our first Spotlight Nest of the Week. Not only that but with the soft, light colors of the nest create a feeling of being both gentle and calming for your little one.  The theme of the decorative swans within the nursery also comes off as inviting and friendly for your little princess. The details within the bed’s blanket and the nursery’s walls also add some flair that makes it feels like you have enter into a fairytale!

2.Lollipops Roses Collection

While the Lollipops Rose Collection looks similar to the Heaven Sent Girl Collection, this collection works a bit better as the pinks are softer and mix well with the other colors in the nursery. The details that are found mostly in the crib as well as the blanket makes the nursery feel as if it had pop out of a castle as they look like they could be a coat of arms.

1. Little Princess Collection

The colors in this nursery probably works the best out of all of the other nests on this list. They’re lovely to look at and blend well together to create a calm, sophisticated, and peaceful feel to the nursery. Not only that, but everything from the bedding and curtains to the crib and dresser gives off the idea of what royal crib could be like and what an elegant lady deserves.

Are there any you think we missed? Do you think our list should have been in a different order? Leave us a comment down of your thoughts on this list. And tune in next month for our next Best Nests List!

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